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5 Shocking Financial Truths About The Wedding Industry financial diet

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In this episode, Chelsea reveals some uncomfortable financial truths about the wedding industry, from how much we spend to attend weddings to the waste caused by each individual wedding.

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Script written by Bree Rody:

Vendor markups:

Cost of attending a wedding:

Wedding insurance costs:

Pandemic wedding losses:

Wedding waste:

Little things add up:

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5 Shocking Financial Truths About The Wedding Industry

5 Shocking Financial Truths About The Wedding Industry

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5 Shocking Financial Truths About The Wedding Industry
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33 thoughts on “5 Shocking Financial Truths About The Wedding Industry financial diet”

  1. I'm glad I come from a country where weddings don't normally have all those extra "frills", like bridal showers (come on, the bride also gets a bachelorette AND wedding gifts, no need to spend more money), engagement party and/or engagement photos (very cringe), party favors, etc. – not to mention the very idea of bridesmaids – what do you even need bridesmaids for? If you want company while getting ready for the wedding, or someone to have fun with while you try on wedding dresses, ask a couple of your friends! No need to assemble this team of women and expect them to spend a huge amount of time and money on YOUR freaking event. I really don't get the concept: is it just to have "filling" in your wedding photos?

  2. Lol this reminds me of a Canadian show that was about guessing how much the couple spent on their wedding. My friend wanted to have her wedding in Hawaii. I told her if i had to fly to Hawaii to not expect anything else from me.

  3. Sought this video out after watching your sit down with Jamie Wolfer. I agree with every word you said in this video (although I had a 30 person wedding for under $10K…)

  4. Asked for no gifts bc you have class?! You shouldnt have a wedding if you cant afford an open bar?! You're being really elitist and classist. Just because people dont have the money to purchase household things for themselves and accept gifts or dont spend a ton of money on an open bar does NOT make them less worthy of getting married.

  5. Its seriously a waste of everything. I was bridesmaid to my bf and she picked our dresses which were 400 each and professional makeup/hair, airbnb, transport, take two days off frok work, night out before her wedding etc. Her hubby ended up cheatin on her less than a yr later while she was preg.

  6. By all means, try to make good decisions about waste and environmental impact, but for real, a typical restaurant is throwing out way more garbage every night than your once-in-a-lifetime wedding is producing.

  7. This morning I put on my wedding prep dress (the dress I wore before I put on my wedding dress so I could help with set up but also so I only had to put tights on once). I bought a bridesmaid dress in white for my wedding dress. From that, you can tell I am pretty frugal. My wedding still cost $5,000+. It was all food and drinks.

  8. What you ask your guests to spend should be comparable to what you are providing. If you are going to a wedding and getting free drinks, dinner, then yes, your gift should be at least $100. If it’s buffet style and cash bar then no need to spend on the gift. And yes be upfront with bridal party costs and commitments and give them the opportunity to say no.

  9. I agree with Chelsea on this one. Asking guests to pay for their own drinks is about as tacky as it gets. I would leave the wedding… and take my gift with me (bold, I know.) And also, there's no contradiction here. Chelsea's advice is to not overspend and to not get ripped off. Simply passing on the cost of overpriced items (e.g. drinks) to your guests does nothing to ensure that the vendor is charging a reasonable price for said items.

  10. I understand the value of a small wedding but culturally, at least some cultures, a wedding invitation is viewed as a gift/thank you for people who have been really important in your life for one reason or another, and regardless of cost some of those people would like to attend. It's not that they are required and declining the invitation is completely ok, but acknowledging them and how important they are is why some people have larger weddings. Just a thought.

  11. I don't mind buying my family members an "expensive" gift. Maybe, it's cultural but we make sure we give the couple a gift worth our seat. Our goal is to help the couple recoup costs to start their life.

  12. One of the things I love about this channel is that you always include environmental anecdotes. I appreciate that you explain how consumerism not only hurts our wallets, but also our planet. It really puts into perspective how selfish we've become in the social media age.

  13. Another thing, please do at least an open bar for soft drinks. Do you really expect your guests to eat a plate full of food with no drink? Fine you don’t want to pay for us to get drunk (I understand lol), but a soft drink should come along with a meal.

  14. I’m sorry but as the bride and groom, they need to have affordable options for their registry. Too often, prices are well above $100, and that’s fine if you have a wealthy family, but as for friends and coworkers, please have $20-50 options.

    And as for guests, stay to your budget. If you can’t afford the items on their registry, send them a gift card of your budget.

  15. A lot of salty comments on this one. What is it about weddings that makes people so touchy? The lying to vendors is straight up bad advice, yes, but the rest is pretty sound. I thought that our increasingly unsustainable economic model would make people more wary of unnecessary spending, but weddings seem to be the exception. It's quite interesting.

  16. In Ireland open bars are never a thing – most of the time you have free champagne/prosecco on arrival to the reception area and then wine with the meal but any drinks after that are on the guests. Then again most weddings in Ireland will last till the early hours of the morning with no actual end time and most guests just give a small cash gift the bride and groom

  17. You’re one of the rudest and most presumptuous people.
    I saw this video on Jamie Wolfer’s channel. Who is heads and shoulders above you.

  18. I always thought the wedding industry was just a big scam but reading some of the comments and outrage to this video makes me think the wedding industry is more like a cult. There are some true believers that really believe it is worth the extra money and act like it is a sacred cow. I don't understand why people take it so seriously but it is probably impossible to convert most. Anyways, it is refreshing to read the stories about low-key weddings and elopements. Cheers to that!

  19. I agree with most of your advice and videos, but as a photographer myself, I just want to say that PLEASE DO NOT lie to your photographer and vendors about the type of event that you are holding. Many vendors have it in their contracts that they can walk out and leave if you misrepresent the kind of situation you are asking them to work.

    There is SO MUCH MORE work that goes into planning schedules, going over shot lists, dealing with other vendors, doing location tours ahead of the day, specialty gear rentals for getting certain shots for a wedding that you wouldn't do for just a family birthday party, extra time spent on post-processing, additional liability insurance coverage to shoot at the venues, and the added stress of dealing with wedding clients who often demand perfection because it is their big day. This is just a quick overview of some of the factors that make wedding pricing more expensive.

    There are many ways that you can save money on a wedding, but please don't try and trick people. Most vendors are small business owners just trying to make a decent living and provide for their families, those of us who work in weddings do it for the love of making someone's big day extra special. There are many reasons that wedding pricing is often higher, even if you don't see them all upfront.

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