Yep, you read it right. Aside from the digital advertising we do, we also provide a number of other advertising mediums for businesses to profit from.

If you want to do more advertising for your company, we can help with our creative and gripping outdoor advertising campaigns.

What is Outdoor Media?

  • Take a drive down an expressway or pass by a busy place like your local mall and you’re sure to come across outdoor advertisements.
  • Outdoor media is advertising that you see when you’re outside in public.
  • Types of outdoor advertising include billboards, bus advertising, transit advertising, posters, digital out-of-home ads, and more.
  • It’s common to see outdoor ads on everyday occasions: when you’re driving down the road, when you pass a bus or truck, and even when you’re at a gas station.
  • This is why it’s imperative to not only advertise for your company online, but in public places, too.
  • Implementing outdoor advertising campaigns will put your business on display for all passersby to see.
  • Consumers won’t have to come across your ad online because it will be right there outside when they drive or walk by.

Could You Benefit From Billboard Advertising?

  • One of the things we love about outdoor billboard advertisements is that if they are designed well and placed strategically, literally thousands and thousands of people will see them every day for the time they are up.
  • In an advertising world where being seen is half the battle, well placed billboard advertisements can be a great supporting medium for a solid advertising campaign.

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Our billboard advertising services include:

  1. Copywriting for a clear, concise message
  2. Photo selection for visual effectiveness
  3. Graphic design that is eye catching
  4. Media buying services – we help you get the right placement
  5. Integrated monthly invoicing – everything in one monthly bill
  6. Contract Negotiation for the best deals

Outdoor Advertising Ideas

  • At Hybrand, we have a talented team of individuals who want to see your company succeed. With us, you won’t just get traditional advertising.
  • Even though outdoor media like billboards are a form of traditional advertising, we make it so your advertisement stands out from conventional ads you see every day.
  • We are thinkers, inventors, and creators all striving to provide our clients with the most imaginative and eye-catching ad campaigns to make customers flock their way.
  • Our main focus is to expand the number of consumers you have and increase your customer engagement rate to get your business more sales leads.
  • It’s one thing to get the consumer’s attention, but to keep the consumer interested is an even bigger challenge that we love to take on.
  • Our number one goal is coming up with inventive ideas to get your company noticed, and to get people to want to request your services.

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Outdoor Advertising Billboards

  • Do you notice the billboards every time you drive down a road like I do?
  • I’d venture to guess that most of the general Vietnamese urban population passes by a billboard routinely during the week.
  • Billboard advertising is one of the most common forms of outdoor media because the signs are generally placed on roads where hundreds of cars drive by each day.
  • People who are on their way to work, driving to the mall, or enjoying a road trip notice these signs because they’re tall and hard to miss.
  • At Hybrand, our billboards that we’ve provided to clients have great impact on the attention their companies get.
  • If you want your number of customers to increase, we recommend using our billboard advertising services.

Out-of-Home Advertising Companies

  • When choosing between outdoor advertising companies, you’ll want to choose a company that you can trust.
  • After all, you’re putting your business in the hands of someone else.
  • That’s why it’s important to choose a company that has years of experience with completing successful outdoor advertising campaigns.
  • Hybrand has been in the marketing and advertising industry for years, and we’ve had plenty of practice designing attention-grabbing campaigns for outdoor media.
  • By choosing Hybrand as your designated advertising agency, you’ll be getting a team of marketing experts that genuinely care about getting your business more sales leads.
  • If you’re interested, we can provide you with an array of media services, not limited to outdoor advertising.
  • Give us a call today if you want original out-of-home advertising services for your company! We’d love to hear from you.

Here at Hybrand, we love to create fun and exciting billboards and place them where they will get a lot of views and help your brand grow.

If you are considering billboard advertising, contact us and let us use our expertise to help you out!

Michael Tung: 096 555 61 61


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