A successful campaign execution needs structuring and managing from the planning meeting to the victory party.

At Hybrand, we’ve led dozens of campaigns, and we’ve uncovered the critical steps that can transform bright ideas into big change. We work hand-in-hand to guide you through every stage of campaign planning, from defining victory and charting your course to creating your theory of influence and measuring success.

As your partner in campaign planning and management, Hybrand will help you change minds, shift policy and move the needle on the issues that matter most to you.

Advertising Campaigns

  • Ideas that get your message across loud and clear.
  • Whether you’re promoting a service or launching a brand, advertising connects you to the largest audiences.
  • We have big, fresh and engaging ideas to tell your stories seamlessly across all kinds of advertising media – from press and outdoor to radio, TV and online.
  • And at the heart of every message is clarity. Because we understand that if your audience doesn’t get what you’re asking them to do, you’ll have no luck persuading them to do it.

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Total Campaign Management

  • High profile launches, inward investment initiatives and cause-related programmes.
  • Hybrand has extensive experience of developing and implementing integrated communications campaign execution.
  • We has a strong track record of rolling out award winning and high impact national and international campaigns, covering major PR launches, inward investment programmes and cause related initiatives.
  • We achieve this by drawing on our expertise across the public relations mix.
  • Developing a strong brand identity which acts as the glue for the campaign execution different activities.
  • Applying our creativity to make the initiative stand out and resonate with key stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that the programme is focussed on achieving its strategic goals.

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A communications service for all calibers

Whether you’re a retailer or supplier of products to the older generation, an employer with an ageing workforce, a charity looking to grow its volunteering base, or a public service organisation running a campaign for the group.

Hybrand offers a full-service communications service including:

  • Campaign management
  • Consumer engagement
  • Content/marketing communications
  • Customer service, journey and experience
  • Market intelligence and research
  • Paid and earned media strategy
  • Public relations programmes
  • Social media campaigns


If you want to find out more about what we do, or just fancy a chat, call

Michael Tung on: 096 555 61 61

Email: hybrandagency@gmail.com

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