With over 10 years of industry experience, Hybrand provides full, end-to-end video production services for your video project.

We’ll work with you at every stage of the process, from conception through to digital marketing support. We have a dedicated and experienced team who can help build powerful relationships between you and your target audience, all through video.

Together we can change the way people see and think about your brand, company, or service.

Together, we can make an impact.

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Event planning publicize the brand and new products, which rapidly bring the brand image closer to their consumers.

The increasing demand of different events like Client Conference, Product Launch, Ground-breaking Ceremony, Inauguration Ceremony, Large-scale Contest, Workshop, Exhibition, etc.

Has proven the importance of corporation and business event planning.

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How can a company increase customers’ awareness of their advertising? Digital signs and electronic advertisement players are one of the most modern and exciting advancements in marketing technology.

E-signage is frequently used by banks, restaurants, retail stores, and hotels for promotions because the displayed information can be updated.

This eliminates the need to pay for traditional poster printing, and thus, can be a great way to reduce operating costs for advertising of the long term.

These dynamic TV displays often included media players that allow businesses to capture the attention of their target audiences in a new, innovative way.

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Yep, you read it right. Aside from the digital advertising we do, we also provide a number of other advertising mediums for businesses to profit from.

If you want to do more advertising for your company, we can help with our creative and gripping outdoor advertising campaigns.

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Circulating in the busiest areas of major metropolitan cities.

Transit advertising offers exposure to local commuters, drivers and pedestrians.

These ‘moving billboards’ are typically displayed on the exterior of the bus and come in a variety of sizes and high-impact formats to reach your audience.

Hybrand has contracts with numerous Taxi & Bus Operator Companies throughout Vietnam as well exclusive advertising rights to top big cities.

We are here to help you with flexible Transit Ad solutions.

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With the PR & Press marketing service, Hybrand Agency is always creative in each article’s content & design to bring fresh feelings for readers.

Hybrand offers PR & ad booking on various digital & traditional newspapers such as

Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Tien Phong, Sai Gon Giai Phong, Bong Da, Suc khoe & Cuoc song …

for products and services in many different industries.

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Hybrand provides Radio Advertising Service on VOV giao thong, VOH, provincial FM

Contact us for radio ads booking with the best discount rate.

“Let people hear about your brand!”

Although television and digital marketing are holding certain advantages, radio still has a particular role to the audience with particular advantages.

Radio advertising service always prevails in providing the fastest, most timely news delivery with wide spread.

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TV advertising puts your brand front and center with the people who matter most. With dozens of demographically targeted networks and thousands of shows, we can find the right audience for your message, all day, every day. Your customers will see and remember your name during the programs they enjoy most.

Hybrand Agency unites the prestige of TV with cutting-edge technology, giving you a branding platform that puts your message in front of your audience efficiently

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What Sets Hybrand Apart?

  • We learned early on what it takes to be a successful digital marketing services company that provides the level of service and support our clients expect.
  • Continually evolving, our years of experience have allowed us to excel even further to provide the best quality of services in all channels of digital marketing.
  • One of the many ways we set ourselves apart from other agencies is complete transparency.

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It’s not just a cliché, first impressions do count. You only have 2.6 seconds to make a strong first impression online. Branding is all about crafting a memorable identity, one which captivates your target audience and ensures sales growth.

  • By creating impactful design assets and crafting a unique visual language.
  • Hybrand’s designers and branding experts can build a brand identity that clearly expresses who you are, not just the first time, but every time.
  • With our industry expertise, we’ll help you brand design leave a profitable lasting impression through both printed and digital materials.

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