Every great endeavour starts with a strong strategy.

There is simply no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out.

Companies and organizations need to track emerging trends.

Changes in regulation, and advances in technology to compete and thrive in their specific sector.

  • Hybrand Agency draws upon years of direct in the field of communications consulting.
  • Front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure our clients’ success.
  • For the reason that, Our growing team has the proper communications consulting and industry expertise.
  • To quickly and effectively get into the heads of our clients to create and execute the perfect strategic plan for their needs.
  • So, We can also draw from a network of highly skilled professionals to offer an array of strategically creative communications consulting services.

Your benefits

  • You ensure professional, targeted communication.
  • Your communications has the desired effect, because your target groups hear and understand it.
  • You communications efficiently and sustainably, as you only implement measures with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Strategic Communications Consulting

  • Carefully researched and thoughtfully crafted to meet the unique goals of each client,
  • Hybrand’s marketing and communications consulting services are collaborative, transparent and flexible.
  • Our priority is to ensure your success and we work through both the expected and unexpected challenges with you.
  • Take advantage of our methodology and experience to ensure your project’s success.

The expertise of experienced PR consultants

  • What do you want your communication to achieve, and who is your target audience?
  • These questions stand at the heart of every consultation meeting.
  • Hybrand’s specialists assess whether a communication objective is realistic and how it can best be achieved.
  • They work with you to find and develop targeted messages, tailor your content to the needs of the recipients, and select suitable communication measures and channels.
  • Our PR professionals can also provide you with any necessary support as you implement the suggested measures,
  • Helping you to coordinate work with the other teams at Hybrand when necessary.

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Marketing and Communications Plans

  • Aligned with organizational goals and based on in-depth research including stakeholder interviews, competitive analyses, surveys and workshops
  • Hybrand strategies are multi-year, actionable and practical.
  • With detailed human resources, budget and implementation considerations, our plans are designed to drive results.
  • We can help you with just the planning or provide both planning and implementation services.

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Municipal Communications Audit

  • Resident expectations for access to information have changed. Have your communications practices kept up?
  • Hybrand’s communications audit provides an inclusive yet simplified summary of your situation.
  • We conduct a holistic study and provide you with a practical audit and educational workshop for your team. We review:
    • The vision for your municipal communications,
    • Your communications objectives,
    • Your current brand and positioning,
    • Your communications practices and delivery,
    • Your local, external and internal audiences,
    • Your key messages, style and consistency.


  • Hybrand provides Communications consulting services free of charge.
  • Services such as proofreading are charged according to volume, time and cost.

Why not us?

  • With a knack for identifying valuable and newsworthy communications pieces.
  • Hybrand collaborates with organisations to create progress-driven communications strategies that allow us to effectively announce important information, celebratory news, and promotions to the appropriate audience at the best possible time.
  • Communications consulting is most beneficial when used on an on-going basis. We can then help identify untapped opportunities and act fast with the best, most compelling messaging.


If you want to find out more about what we do, or just fancy a chat, call:

Michael Tung on: 096 555 61 61

Email: hybrandagency@gmail.com

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