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Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America? c squared financial

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America has never seen anything like this. Time and again, Donald Trump has attacked the very fabric of US democracy. He has called the press ‘the enemy of the American people’. He says that claims that Russia interfered in the US election are a hoax. And that the FBI – currently investigating his campaign – should be personally loyal to the president.

And it’s not just political institutions Trump is damaging, his opponents say: in America he has stoked racial tension, coddled Wall Street and given succour to the gun lobby. On the world stage, he’s alienated key allies, slapped $50 billion in tariffs on China that may spark off a trade war, and appointed the hawkish John Bolton, who has advocated regime change in Iran and North Korea, as national security adviser.

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If Trump is a new kind of threat, the big question is whether the damage he is doing to America will be permanent. Will the country that survived two world wars, the Cold War and the attacks of 9/11 really be put off its stride by a reality show host who could be gone in less than three years’ time? Or is Trump dismantling the robust system that has kept America united and irreparably damaging its standing as the most powerful nation on earth?

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But perhaps this is all liberal hand-wringing. Could Trump, in fact, be that rarest of things – a politician who delivers on his promises – and prove to be the reformer the American electorate voted for?

To examine the political health and standing of the United States at this crucial moment, Intelligence Squared brought together Ronan Farrow, former US government adviser and journalist, who has just been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Harvey Weinstein scandal; Mark Lilla, the American political scientist who hit the headlines last year with an article arguing that it is the left’s preoccupation with identity politics that opened the door to Trump’s victory; Lionel Shriver, award-winning novelist and commentator; and Brian Klaas, an expert on authoritarianism who claims that with every autocratic tweet Trump is edging America away from its democratic norms. .

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Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America?

Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America?

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Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America?
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46 thoughts on “Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America? c squared financial”

  1. I wonder how do they feel about Biden administration?
    Biden are fool of lie in his politics.
    No leadership, world no respect Biden administration…these people are hypocritical fools.

  2. Could we have this brilliantly sane panel reconvened today, taking the events from where it was left off then? And would the panelists add more to their premonitions?

  3. So unsure what’s going on here… panel of liberals? Thought HRC would have been better? Well they initially got what they wanted… Joe Biden!

  4. Roman Farrow, graduated from college at the age of 15, gets a law degree from Yale Law School & becomes a Rhodes scholar, oh I forgot Pulitzer Prize winner too…

  5. a lefty looney love fest featuring 5 people taking place in where -else? England. a country that is about as looney as any looney country can be. break out the Tums you people because our President is making a come back

  6. The very very base of the problem here is that the population of the United States is MAINLY ignorant of history and civics, or in general for that matter. End of story. Everything else is a consequence of that.

  7. With the amount of misinformation, propaganda and bias US media pushes, they very well may be the enemy of the people. Trump would never have won without the ratings/money addicted mainstream media giving him free, unending coverage.

  8. Justin Webb’s self importance and barely concealed contempt for any opposing views- especially in the case of anything said by Ronan Farrow – almost ruins this debate. Bloviating foghorn.

  9. This jackass says Trump discovered when he became president he couldn’t do everything he wanted to. Doesn’t every president find that out, certainly Obama did. You can tell he’s just another liberal, babbling idiot without any capability to be objective about anything.

  10. Funny how wrong they were. But it only made since if you already didn't like Trump. We already know Hillary and Obama was preferred by Russia. They sold they 20% of US uranium when there is already an issue with the stock pile Russia already has. They allowed Russia to invade countries without consequences. And lets not forget that we now know Hillary was responsible for the Russian Dossier, and the White House knew about it. They allowed a 2 1/2 year investigation to waste taxpayer money just to make him look bad. On the other hand Trump is the only US president to kill Russian troops with bombs, put sanctions on them and put pressure on Wester Europe to keep up pressure on Russia. That was why we began pulling US troops out of Germany. They made a oil deal with Russia. In the end Trump in his own less than diplomatic way was a very good foreign policy president. He had Russia, China and Iran in dire straits. And that's not to mention the smaller trouble makers around the globe.

  11. A debate where everyone speaks with the same voice is not a debate! Utterly boring and utterly predictable. Not even one Trump supporter to represent half of the country? Are we in Russia/China/Venezuela? And amongst these faulks – nothing good to say about Trump? This is a qliquey playground bunch of people.

  12. 5 well healed people on a stage speaking to a hall full of middle class liberals that clap like seals at any derogatory remarks about trump,, and they still don't get why trump is popular.

  13. I cannot stop myself. Every 2 minutes I hear something more absurd. Now this panel of Liberal pro choice people are talking as if abortion is an absolute. They are appalled that we have state madates. What's that thing about us being a republic. We are not supposed to be beholden to an all powerful federal government. People in California don't get to tell people in Iowa how to live.

  14. 34:00 Trump is breaking the system because now the people don't trust the media?? Maybe it's because people like you with all of your "Objectivity" have already said he has failed the day he was elected. I say this in 2021 after he has lost reelection and all the collusion points these people spoke about as "facts" have been since tossed out. Hmm… why we would ever doubt the media?

  15. Also the diplomacy in Korea argument is so absurdly self defeating I cannot believe it came out of Lionel Shrivers mouth. We can't have Trump barter with Korea because he isn't a diplomat because he will lose as all of our previous diplomats have done?? Just sad! People hate Trump blindly on election day these people know its over?? Absolutely illogical. Just because he is accused of misogyny doesn't speak to anything other than that.. Martin Luther King was a misogynist I don't hear any rebuke of his accomplishments. People like to say he is stupid and laugh because it makes them feel like they are smarter than him. They aren't! (Channeling my Hitchens)

  16. Pres. Trump is not causing any damage to America. The democratic party is, with all there lies and slander and treasonous acts against the president. They should be brought up on charges for there crimed

  17. What is causing damage to America is the absolutely disgusting main stream media propaganda and lies.. also, the big tech censorship and the fascist/bolshevics in democratic party.. also fake social justice movements like BLM and Antifa .. all of the above are traitors to America and it's core values… In my opinion off course 😉

  18. The Gentleman on the far left is speaking a great truth. Christians have no voice in the Democratic Party. "Respect all men, love the Brotherhood and Fear God." The Apostle Paul. The majority of Christians do respect all people as we are instructed by God to do so. However, our beliefs get no respect from the Democratic Party. How is a Christian supposed to join a party that goes against God?

  19. No he didn't! The opposition always denies all the allegations to them, like how Bill Maher lost me when he said that Anthony Weiner's case was alright because its just love?. What a sell out clown! And his dumb audiences kept laughing! They actually started these reparable damages to their citizens and to others. Trump is reparing it and they threatened his life.

  20. Ronan – your seconds last very long – maybe you should consider to make your introduction shorter or use seconds to the power minus 20. Or maybe – we can simply send you to CERN and collide you with other particles. I would love to analyze the results, but I know them already.

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