How can a company increase customers’ awareness of their advertising? Digital signs and electronic advertisement players are one of the most modern and exciting advancements in marketing technology.

E-signage is frequently used by banks, restaurants, retail stores, and hotels for promotions because the displayed information can be updated.

This eliminates the need to pay for traditional poster printing, and thus, can be a great way to reduce operating costs for advertising of the long term.

These dynamic TV displays often included media players that allow businesses to capture the attention of their target audiences in a new, innovative way.

Different packages – Many great options.

  • The simple plug-n-play media player, for example, loads easily and shows images as well as videos in a slideshow presentation.
  • The devices pull media files from a USB flash drive and do not require the Internet for use, which makes them great for first-time digital signage users.
  • Many of the plug-n-play players and systems also include software to create custom templates.

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Why LCD Frame advertising?

  • LCD Frame advertising is a platform for extending your brand’s reach much farther than a traditional advertising medium.
  • Engage with a brand-new audience and captivate onlookers while informing them of your message and promotions.
  • LCD Frame advertising increase brand awareness, improve the audience experience and support your business objectives all with eye catching digital media.
  • Not only with digital signage, but also through smartphones and tablets.
  • Hybrand Agency works with a wide array of solutions that can easily increase your footprint within your target area.

Are these digital sign products easy to use?

  • Installation of players is as easy as hooking up a DVD player, which is great for those who are less tech-savvy.
  • Intuitive software is accessible via any internet enabled computer and takes little time to learn.
  • The content management software is extremely basic, so newbies can become graphic design gurus in no time at all.
  • Managing players can be done by one person with little-to-no training, making the systems ideal for owner-operated businesses and locations with small staffs.

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What are the most notable features of the plug-n-play digital sign players?


  1. – Simple Design and solid built
  2. – Easy USB update function
  3. – IR Infrared Body Motion Sensor and Remote Control
  4. – Durable quality – long hour play and replay
  5. – VESA bracket for easy shelf / wall mount
  6. – Over 15 years in the market


  • At Hybrand, we provide many LCD Frame advertising services.
  • As a full service digital signage company, we offer hardware, software, hosted solutions, creative and content, support, and training.
  • Connected Sign will supply you with a LCD Frame advertising system specific to your needs.
  • We have scalable electronic communication solutions that work with any hardware and software, including your existing technology.
  • We provide as little or as much support as you need, from hooking up devices to creating custom content and everything in between.
  • Find LCD Frame advertising for your industry or browse them by application to see the many options available to connect better with customers, employees, visitors and more.


We’re Here to Make You Look Good

  • Our award-winning team of professionals is here to help everyone at your organization to successfully adopt and use your digital signage system.
  • All of our project managers, consultants, designers, technicians and trainers are dedicated to making your vision a reality so you get the most from our products.
  • Whether you’re buying a new system, refreshing a current one, or moving to the cloud, we’re here to help.

Michael Tung: 096 555 61 61


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