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#MicrosoftEvent Live technology background video 4k

Join us Wednesday, September 22 at 11am ET to see what’s next for Microsoft Surface. #MicrosoftEvent.

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#MicrosoftEvent Live

#MicrosoftEvent Live

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#MicrosoftEvent #Live
#MicrosoftEvent Live
technology background video 4k
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31 thoughts on “#MicrosoftEvent Live technology background video 4k”

  1. New surface looks cool. I'll be real here though. I'm not buying an 2000 dollar laptop with a quad core. and it really sucks you guys partnered so closely with Intel here. Woulda loved to see Ryzen in these.

  2. I dont like this kind of presentation. It felt forced. And the main speaker lacks energy for me. When he called out the other staff to borrow their Surface/table, very scripted. But I still love Microsoft.

  3. Now Microsoft is out of options so they become lazy and create Windows 11 which requires you to have TPM 2.0 and also you'll have to get all your applications specially made run on Windows 11 because if it ain't compatible your outta luck pal.

  4. So thier basically making you waste money during the pandemic to pay for a laptop and also not to mention the extra costs involved in better specifications and the cost of the windows 11 license.

  5. the pinnacle of this video is the part when they talked about accessibility. it is so touching… it makes us realize how most of the people are privileged and do not have to endure obstacles that might be very challenging for people with accessibility needs. props to Microsoft to highlighting this and making products that are more inclusive

  6. Jesus. Imagine wasting YOUR time to spam "apple is best" or "Copied Acer" in a video you don't enjoy. what a waste of life.
    Nice product line MS.

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