With the PR & Press marketing service, Hybrand Agency is always creative in each article’s content & design to bring fresh feelings for readers.

Hybrand offers PR & ad booking on various digital & traditional newspapers such as

Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Tien Phong, Sai Gon Giai Phong, Bong Da, Suc khoe & Cuoc song …

for products and services in many different industries.


PR – A journey create a useful, consistent and targeted content campaign aimed at impacting your target audience on a desirable level, in 2 categories:

  • Article:
    • The article is arranged in a tight outline by the editorial board and experienced PV.
    • Information of brands is naturally mentioned to approach readers. cleverly
  • Q & A:
    • Solves all inquiries, provides readers with good information as a connector between the brand and the lead.

Tags: Communications Consulting


Forms of Traditional Newspaper PR & ad booking service

Ad booking services on traditional newspapers (by category) including:

  • General Newspaper: Thanh Nien, Tuoi Tre, Tien Phong, Lao dong…
  • Financial News: Đau Tu Chung Khoan, Thoi bao Kinh Te Viet Nam, Doanh Nhan Sai Gon, Thoi bao Kinh Te Sai Gon,…
  • Journal of Culture – Health – Entertainment: Tiep thi & Gia đinh, Suc khoe & Đoi song, Her World, Đẹp…

Tags: Corporate Film Production


  • The launch of electronic newspapers opens up a dynamic ecosystem with huge potentials to promote products and services to customers.
  • The digital power of a website o r few clicks overtakes previous media forms such as newspapers, radio and television.

Forms of Digital Newspaper PR & ad booking service


Hybrand Agency offers a wide range of trusted press marketing partners in Vietnam & Southeast Asia.

If you want to find out more about what we do, or just fancy a chat, call:

Regina Phuong on: 0987 15 66 77

Email: hybrandagency@gmail.com

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