Hybrand provides Radio Advertising Service on VOV giao thong, VOH, provincial FM

Contact us for radio ads booking with the best discount rate.

“Let people hear about your brand!”

Although television and digital marketing are holding certain advantages, radio still has a particular role to the audience with particular advantages.

Radio advertising service always prevails in providing the fastest, most timely news delivery with wide spread.

  • Advantages of Radio ad booking service

– Radio is music                                                              – Radio is intimate

– Radio is easy to access and to carry                         – Radio is direct

– Radio has its own language                                       – Radio is instant

– Radio is not expensive                                                – Radio is selective

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  • Hybrand always wants to be a connector between businesses and radio stations.

Hybrand helps businesses broadcast audio ads on VOV giao thong, VOH, and provincial FM … with beautiful spots for highly effective advertising.

Hybrand supports audio file export package including: script, MC, studio, music sync, … with high discount rates.

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If you want to find out more about what we do, or just fancy a chat, call:

Regina Phuong on: 0987 15 66 77

Email: hybrandagency@gmail.com


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