TV advertising puts your brand front and center with the people who matter most. With dozens of demographically targeted networks and thousands of shows, we can find the right audience for your message, all day, every day. Your customers will see and remember your name during the programs they enjoy most.

Hybrand Agency unites the prestige of TV with cutting-edge technology, giving you a branding platform that puts your message in front of your audience efficiently

  • TV ads have outstanding advantages:

+ TV advertising can convey clearly the message through the image, the sound to the audience as they focus the most.

+ TV advertising’s diversity and creativity help products and services impress the customers, optimizing business efficiency.

+ TV commercials attract a higher audience in a more remarkable scale than radio and newspapers.


  • TV Ad Forms

  1. TVC: The typical duration of each TVC is 15s – 30s – 45s, which helps convey the most unique content & basic features of the product and the brand.

Demo Link: Click here

  1. Pop-up ads: Size 1/8 screen, Duration 5s. This type has the advantage of being able to run directly in the program, so viewers can simultaneously monitor the evolution of the show as well as the content of the ad.

Demo Link: Click here

  1. Image & Swipe ads: Duration 3s – 5s. There is no voice but only pictures and music. Frequently broadcasted as the advertising program mark-in or mark-out.

Demo Link: Click here

  1. Corporate Video:

    Duration: 2 – 5 mins. Deliver the full message & image of the business to customers.

Demo Link: Click here

  1. Simple information:

    Suitable for activities such as invitations to meetings, ceremonies; announcement of enrollment, bids and news of cooperative promotion. …

Demo Link: Click here


If you want to find out more about what we do, or just fancy a chat, call:

Regina Phuong on: 0987 15 66 77


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