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Home » What Killed The American Middle Class? (Financial Crash Documentary) | Real Stories financial documentary

What Killed The American Middle Class? (Financial Crash Documentary) | Real Stories financial documentary

With around 120,000 people declared bankrupt each month, many of the squeezed middle-class see the American dream slipping away.

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From “The Death Of The American Middle Class”

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What Killed The American Middle Class? (Financial Crash Documentary) | Real Stories

What Killed The American Middle Class? (Financial Crash Documentary) | Real Stories

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What Killed The American Middle Class? (Financial Crash Documentary) | Real Stories
financial documentary
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32 thoughts on “What Killed The American Middle Class? (Financial Crash Documentary) | Real Stories financial documentary”

  1. The bike guy is a fool. We had a leader who was turning this around at warp speed. Now because of election fraud we have an unelected President Biden who will destroy what is left of the American dream. Maybe we deserve what is happening the left just want handouts. Our leaders in WA.DC. remind me of Germany in 1933 and our press are their propaganda machine just like they turned a blind eye for Hitler they are doing it for Biden and his son and the dem. party.

  2. Absolute crock of s*++. My wife and I grew up in single parent families. We’ve had every obstacle there is- poverty, substance abuse, physical abuse of many types, etc. My mother died young and dad committed suicide. But we worked multiple jobs to put ourselves through college, all the while watching our classmates on spring break having a blast. I drove a 21 yr old VW with 400,000 miles. Those younger days in the ‘90s were not fun. I saved and quit my good paying job post-college because I felt I could do better. The business I started, with $2500, meant selling door to door in the most dangerous neighborhood in America’s murder capital. It was a territory that sat vacant for 12 years because nobody wanted the job. Fast forward to 2020, I am retired at 50, kids through private college with excellent jobs. We have 3 properties worth well into 7 figures, millions in the bank, and a collection of cars/motorcycles/boats, etc. Oh, and we’ve donated enough to support dozens of families yearly, plus we collectively average 20 hours weekly to organizations where we volunteer. The idea that Americans cannot radically alter their lifestyles in just a generation is a flat out lie. It is definitely not easy, nor is anyone going to hand it to you, but if you make sacrifices and live within your means (which American people suck at) you can invest in yourself long term and get out of the hand to mouth lifestyle that most people (including 10 of my 11 siblings) think is inescapable.

  3. What killed the American middle class? People. Capitalism is an ideology and not a sentient being. It, in and of itself, cannot tell if it's going off balance and crushing people. It cannot tell if it's doing good or evil.
    Capitalism is a tool. Powerful tools need to be used with discretion. It takes intelligence or some other type of regulation to keep things on a good course.
    It is a complex dynamic system in need of oversight. By deciding to not oversee it, people have allowed it to destroy the middle class. Rather than mastering it, we have let it master us. It has neither heart nor soul. You gave it dominion over you. Like a dumb brute machine, it has run over you. Capitalism is a good thing. Unfettered capitalism will maul you and not even know it. It should be overseen and keep on track.
    It you don't oversee capitalism and keep it on track, you will lose it. That has been the cause of revolutions, some fascist, some communist. I prefer freedom. People give up their freedom seeking to get from underneath something very abusive. You save your capitalism by managing it out of good will. You consider righteousness and have faith that this is the best way to go.
    America's middle class did not have to be destroyed. You are destroying the people's faith in capitalism, driving them to seek something worse.

  4. Seriously America wake up, Unions created the middle class. Do not let the Republican party dismantle the Unions. Ronald Reagan took down the Airline Unions. Since then the Republicans have been attacking the teacher's union. It started with the "No child left behind," plan by George Bush. We need to bring back the Unions into our work places!

  5. I'm sorry you don't owe your kids a college education by putting yourself into debt. I never went to college managed to pay off a mortgage have never carried charge card debt have managed to save more than one years living expenses Plus a small 401k and Roth IRA. Quit my job of 20 years 2 years ago learning $13.80 per hour no pension just Social Security. I have always lived below my means. I really do feel bad for people that have lost their jobs and homes and are struggling these are not easy times.

  6. The only way to make America rich again is to make our own stuff and export them globally.
    For-profit-corporate-greed have betrayed Americans entirely in past 2 decades when they shipped all manufactures to China. What got back to America are all garbage. Poor Americans have to buy cheap crappy stuff. Poor Americans have to buy smartphones, TVs, and household appliance that are all made overseas, mainly China.
    Now China got the middle class with a "middle" finger to America.

    Banks gave all loans and capitals to corporate greeds to build manufactures and investments in China while American taxpayers money bailed out those banks. The bigger joke in American history.

  7. There seems to be to many people with university degrees that leads them. nowhere! There has to be more practical skills taught and get productivity up! Not sitting around talking about it!

  8. We live in the middle of the country and live extremely well on less than $50,000 a year. This is very achievable for a married couple and 1 child. Dual income making $15/hr can make it here. We have 2 smartphones, 2 vehicles a 2016 Kia& 2004 f150. Our daughter goes to a great public school. We have health insurance, retirement savings and vacation. We have a plan for our daughter to go to college. We have nearly every modern convenience.

  9. The source of or problems can be traced straight back to our political leaders. And their problems can be traced straight back to how they raise campaign cash.

    Most see this as a boring topic. I see it as a survival one.

    If we want a representative democracy, we must insist that our representatives represent our interests.

    And the only way that's going to happen is if we dismantle the system that pays them to do otherwise.

  10. @21:35 ~ the society needs to focus more on the united states. as opposed to focusing other countries? the US is focusing on US, except not on you. here is some facts: The discretionary budget for 2021 is $1.485 trillion.1
    More than half goes toward military spending, including Homeland
    Security, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and other defense-related
    departments. and take a look at the map.

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